The Dancers

A lot of Schlumbergeras are just on the (commercial) market for a very short time, there is no excepiton to these from the dancer serie. Some of them were just one season available, others, well others completely not. We are lucky that we have them in the collection. Here is an overview: 


Apricot Dancer (apricot) 

Beach Dancer (apricot-orange-pink, depends on temperature during budding) 

Carribbean Dancer (red) 

Cyber Dancer (pink) 

Exotic Dancer (red white) 

Golden Dancer (yellow) 

Jolly Dancer (pink) 

Limelight Dancer (yellow) 

Peach Dancer= Apricot Dancer 

Pink Dancer (pink) 

Polar Dancer (white) 

Polka Dancer (pink) 

Purple Dancer (pink) 

Russian Dancer (red) 

Salsa Dancer (rose-white) 

Sunset Dancer (red) 

Tango Dancer (pink) 

Twilight Dancer (red-pink) 


not a commercial hybrid: 

Ice Dancer (orange/salmon-white, orssichiana cross by F.Süpplie) 

Smooth Dancer (yellow) 



'Malibu Dancer'= Malibu ( so no dancer) 

'Peach Dancer'= Apricot Dancer